If there’s something holding your business back from realising its true profit potential, we’re going to find it – no matter how objectively small or granular the problem might be. With our leave-no-stone unturned approach to performance improvement, we’ll not only identify performance roadblocks, but develop both big-picture and street-level strategies for overcoming them. Combined with our long-term implementation performance monitoring support, these performance enhancement plans will take your company from being the “little business that could”, to becoming the “big business that is”.

  • Top-Down, Ground-Up Evaluation: We offer a penetrating assessment of your business systems, from the management decision-making process to the day-to-day processes entrusted to your staff. With the benefit of industry-leading analysis tools such as MAUS Business Systems and Palisade Decision Tools Suite, you’ll see your company – and its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities - in a new light.

  • Less Work, More Yield: Our team will help you identify and eliminate redundant or unnecessary work, systemic inefficiencies and communication breakdowns, resulting in a workflow that yields greater output with lessor effort.

  • Playing the Long Game: Like you, we aren’t satisfied with short-term or one-off spikes in productivity and profitability. We’re playing the long game. That’s why we develop a foundational plan for your performance improvement campaign that incorporates KPIs, performance reviews and other crucial accountability mechanics that ensure your company is adhering to your game plan in its entirety and for the long haul.

  • Outsider Perspective, Insider Knowledge: Our team of consultants boast collective experience across a vast range of industries, and at all levels of the corporate hierarchy. This allows us to take our insider’s knowledge of your business, generated by a searching process of data gathering and analysis, and present a refreshing and innovative outsider’s perspective on the way forward for your company.

You’ll be amazed at how even a few minor adjustments can transform your business potential. Our personalised approach means you get a custom solution provided for your specific company dynamic.



Reasonable minds may differ on the best approach to a business turnaround – tread carefully to avoid full-blown crisis, or make the best of a bad situation by charging headfirst into a complete re-alignment or revamp? Altus’ answer: It depends. If no two businesses are the same, then no two businesses can be turned around the same way. Our business turnaround specialists develop bespoke, data-backed strategies designed to achieve your turnaround objectives by harnessing your strengths. With their tailor-made solutions, you can expect to be back in an earning position as soon as possible.

  • Objective Assessment and Initiative Scoping: Whether you’re in the brainstorming stage or are progressing at a steady trot towards implementation, our team will help keep your business on the straight and narrow path towards profitability. For larger-scale projects, Altus offers pragmatic advice on segmentation of your turnaround campaign into smaller, bite-sized initiatives.

  • Business-Ready Evaluations: Our focus on data-backed strategies, scenario-based planning and conservative forecasts makes us the number one choice for business-ready turnaround solutions. Your turnaround plan will be market-viable and ready for implementation from the word “Go!”, keeping teething problems to an absolute minimum.

  • Start-to-Finish Action Planning: Altus’ veteran consultants are keenly aware of the different challenges at each phrase of the turnaround process, from planning roadblocks to implementation troubleshooting. Our experts adopt a pre-emptive approach to problem-solving, designing ample safeguards against worst-case scenarios to facilitate a smooth – and speedy – transition to profitability.


Risk Management

Carefully managed and strategically undertaken commercial risks lie at the heart of any growing or profitable business. Altus Consulting helps clients conduct fully-informed risk evaluations, identifying opportunities where risk works for, rather than against the business. Rather than glossing over uncertainty or unpredictability, we tackle it head-on for a comprehensive risk management strategy that takes due account of the variability inherent in any analytical process.

  • Six Sigma Analysis: The litmus test for any data-driven approach to risk management is how effectively it manages and accounts for uncertainty and variability. Altus Consulting boasts a wealth of experience across all variants of Six Sigma analysis, from DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) and DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) to DOE (Design of Experiments), enabling us to adopt the methodology that best fits your business objectives and data sets.

  • Realistic Risk Simulation: We combine this expertise with Monte Carlo simulation to identify, measure and root out key sources of variability, ensuring that projections and forecasts present realistic risk scenarios – even for notoriously unpredictable variables such as cost and schedule duration. Clients are equipped to construct production, supply and service delivery processes best-suited to their particular risk appetite.

  • Tailored Risk Solutions: Every company has very specific risk thresholds. Altus Consulting goes beyond crunching numbers to develop a nuanced, commercially-sensitive understanding of the rationale behind your business risk appetite. Our clients trust us to build bespoke risk-management strategies that maximise their potential without biting off more risk than they can chew.



All projects are undertaken in pursuit of broader business objectives, but it can be easy to lose sight of that when you’re deeply immersed into the “nuts and bolts” of project planning and implementation. Altus Consulting’s project management expertise ensures that you don’t lose perspective, shining the spotlight on the issues that matter.

  • Methodology Evaluation: The Altus team adopts a robust approach to methodology evaluation, drawing on the gold-standard PMBOK Guide project delivery methodology to conduct a holistic assessment of your implementation plan. We’ll focus not only on what you’re doing now, but focus on how you can do it better.

  • Staying on Track for Success: Are missed deadlines becoming a perennial problem for a particular project? Our consultants will undertake a rigorous schedule analysis, enabling your internal project management team to set realistic deadlines and keep firmly on schedule.

  • Contracts and Procurement Support: Is your company getting bogged down in mountains of paperwork? You can count on us to keep the contractual machinery of your transaction or project ticking over smoothly. We’ll

  • monitor vendor relationships for red flags or potential pain points;

  • oprovide administrative support to help you track key delivery, payment and credit deadlines;

  • and devise a contracting strategy that ensures a systematic and consistent approach to the drafting, performance and termination of legal agreements.

  • This allows your company to concentrate on making the transaction a success, and leave the nitty-gritty of day-to-day contracts administration to us!

  • Dispute Avoidance and Resolution: Our pre-emptive approach to dispute management, helping identify potential flash points both within and without your organization. Taking the initiative to recognise and resolve potential for conflicts will minimize unnecessary and costly disruptions to productivity and customer relationships, keeping your operations (and your profit) ticking along. At the same time, we’ll help you plan and prepare for the worst-case-scenario, giving you the best possible head start if things really do come to a head.

  • Budget Challenge Test: Regular and rigorous costs-benefits and budget viability analysis is central to the success of any commercial project. Our budget challenge tests take stock of budgetary constraints both in the short and long-term to deliver more accurate projections of your company’s financial capabilities. Where budget falls short of ambition, our consultants step in and devise cost-effective solutions to supplement your company’s vision.

  • Risk Review: Companies in the growth stage often shy away from projects due to high levels of perceived risk. To ensure that your business isn’t foregoing valuable opportunities due to unnecessary risk aversion, our project management team conducts a comprehensive risk review to determine whether a proposed project meshes well with your company’s risk appetite. With their expert advice, your company will build the confidence to live life on the edge – without falling off it.



Transactions are at the heart of any successful business, yet most companies simply lack the resources for a standalone or fully-populated M&A team. That’s where Altus comes in. Our transaction support service kicks off with an extensive client research process that leaves us with a detailed and nuanced understanding of your business processes and objectives. This enables us to deliver effective, targeted support for both milestone and day-to-day deals, and equips us to provide frank assessments of which deals are – and, more importantly, aren’t - worth your time.

  • Deal-Making is a Knowledge Economy: The Altus approach to transactions is simple – information, information, information. Whether it’s a merger, acquisition, divestment or joint venture, understanding your counterparty and accurately forecasting post-transaction profitability is a prerequisite to any viability analysis. Our comprehensive reviews of due diligence findings, contract terms and financial models help you to make an informed decision in a sphere where information is the most-prized commodity.

  • Identifying New Opportunities: Relying on a winning combination of comprehensive data analysis and commercial insight from decades of deal experience we act quickly to identify potential targets, leads, partners and clients capable of driving the next stage of your business growth.

  • Risk Assessment: We conduct targeted due diligence exercises aimed at key contracts, core personnel and integration viability to help you manage risk and reach an accurate deal valuation. Our risk assessment makes clear when to forge ahead and when to pull the plug.

  • Exit Planning: With our emphasis on value acceleration, Altus Consulting boasts a strong track record in helping business owners extract maximum value from a divestment. From saleability to targeted value creation, our consultants guide clients through every facet of the exit planning process for a smooth and profitable transition.

Our team will give you the support services you need to improve your transaction potential and take your business even further.



It may be a cliché, but it’s undoubtedly true that those who fail to plan, plan to fail. A sound corporate strategy is the bedrock of any successful business. Altus Consulting works with you to develop a game plan for achieving your core objectives, ensuring your company stays competitive in today’s globalized economy.

  • Maximise Earning Potential: Our veteran consultants will help you identify key growth opportunities, from underserved market segments to potential B2B partnerships. Finally, our inward-looking innovation helps eliminate operational inefficiencies, unnecessary complexity and wasted expenditure for better service delivery and higher profits.

  • Strategic Planning: Our strategic planning services not only identify the blueprint for future growth, but go one step further to identify and design the operational initiatives to extract maximum earning potential from these opportunities. Here’s what you can expect from our First Report, produced at the end of a twelve-week process.

    • Business Insights: We investigate industry trends and best practices and take a long hard look at your competitors, allowing us to analyse your company’s data with a bird’s-eye perspective. We don’t just focus on what you’re doing right or doing well, we focus on helping you do it better than anyone else out there.

    • Corporate Identity: We formulate mission and vision statements that provide a clear direction for your corporate expansion, ensuring a corporate identity that doesn’t just capture present successes, but is sufficiently aspirational to grow with and through your company over the long-term.

    • People with a Plan: Our focus on big-picture perspective and hard data provides fertile soil from which an ambitious, but viable corporate strategy can spring. The Altus team will partner with senior management to identify key strategic priorities, incorporating these priorities into a proven framework such as Balanced Score-Card and Value Disciplines. This framework, together with an implementation road-map identifying with maximum precision the fastest and most profitable route to your strategic objectives, completes the twelve-week strategic planning campaign.

  • Strategic Review: Tunnel vision can creep up on even the most competent and visionary of executives. Do you feel like you may be missing out on profitable opportunities, overlooking systemic inefficiencies or losing touch with your people on the ground? Our strategic review services will provide you with a fresh and innovative perspective on the internal workings of your company, giving your corporate strategy a new lease of life.

    • Numbers Rarely Lie: Our four-week strategic review begins with the cold, hard facts. We apply some of the industry’s most sophisticated data analytics, logic creation and financial modelling programmes to your business data to ensure that our review is rooted in reality. When it comes to your company’s future, there’s no room for guessing games.

    • Partners Working Together: The Altus approach involves developing a nuanced understanding of every client’s business. We conduct extensive management and stakeholder interviews to ensure that our proposed solutions incorporates key values, serves core objectives and works with, rather than against, the people behind your business.

    • Answering Hard Questions: With strategic review, we refuse to resort to quick fixes or band-aids over bullet holes. Like you, we’re willing to make tough decisions and embrace change in our pursuit of sustainable commercial success for your business. We aren’t afraid to rock the boat when it comes to organizational change or seizing new opportunities – because when you’re guided by the steady hand of an Altus consultant, capsizing is never an option.



A merger or acquisition has the potential to become the next milestone in your business’ growth – but Completion is just the first step in that journey. Our post-M&A integration services helps clients realise full value from a deal by focusing on retaining the strengths of each company while achieving an efficient and seamless integration of both organisational structures.

  • Start-to-Finish Support: Whether Altus comes on board the day after completion, or midway through integration, our M&A specialists are well-equipped to take you all the way to the finish line. In particular, having seen through countless post-M&A integrations, the Altus team is well-placed to apprise you on the specific pitfalls awaiting unwary companies at each stage of the integration process, and guide you in navigating these risks.

  • Both Sides of the Coin: It takes two hands to clap – no situation illustrates the truth of this adage more than a corporate deal. The Altus team will provide a balanced and objective assessment of both organisations, including a frank evaluation of any impediments to integration. The end result is an integration plan that harnesses the best of both organisations in a complementary fashion.

  • A People-Driven Process: In our experience, employees can spell the success or failure of any M&A venture. We therefore develop integration strategies that put people first, providing guidance and comfort to your staff in a time of transition. These strategies are backed by Altus’ comprehensive employee support services across all departments.

  • Faster Results: A streamlined approach to integration illuminates a quicker road to profitability. You can count on our veteran consultants to develop an efficient blueprint for your business transition.



Altus Consulting understands that a successful pitch isn’t just about putting in a strong showing during boardroom presentations. It starts with the identification of promising opportunities, continues with careful and targeted research on the potential customer, and finally culminates in the design of a winning bid that ticks all all of your customer’s boxes. With our business development expertise, you can expect Grade-A support at each stage of the process to give your win rates a shot in the arm!

  • The Right Opportunities: Our highly personalized approach to business development begins with a comprehensive SWOT analysis. We combine our findings with extensive target market research to help you locate valuable opportunities that will give your company a platform to showcase its unique strengths and personality.

  • The Right Preparation: Altus advocates a two-pronged approach to business development. First, our frank internal assessment confirms whether an opportunity is both valuable and viable; second, our outward-looking research covers key areas such as Know-Your-Target due diligence and compliance review to give clients all the facts. Finally, you receive honest win-rate projections based on our data-gathering effort, enabling you to make informed decisions as to resource deployment.

  • The Right Delivery: Our business intelligence review comprises of both retrospective and prospective elements. We survey past successful and unsuccessful pitches and drill down to key learning points, which we then incorporate into your current tendering materials. This marketing insight allows you to keep doing what works, while ensuring that the same mistake is never repeated twice.

  • Our team will give you an objective ally you can’t get in-house. We’ll elevate your future win-rates while ensuring your business is 100% bid-ready.